Our story so far.

The Brand: Giorgia Trebbi

Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by jewels and all the jewellery items.
I used to play with my Grandmother’s jewels pretending to be a princess and imagining the life style associated with jewellery!

I always thought about the people and the tools involved in creating such beautiful, elegant and glamorous pieces.
When I grew up these feelings became more apparent and my passion for the subject grew. So I decided to go to the School Of Art in Italy.

After 5 years I graduated and obtained a degree from the School Of Metal in Pietra Rubbia, established by Arnaldo Pomodoro at the height of his popularity.
I fell in love with the subject and the creativity of making something, so I started drawing and designing items to create my own range of jewellery.
I designed as part of my final exam the unique Skyscraper rings, which are exhibited at the TAM centre of Pietra Rubbia.

After graduating, as a freelance designer, I teamed up with a lot of other designers to create items.
I also designed one off pieces for clients and companies.

After I moved to London to improve my English, I created my own website with the purpose of sharing my passion, my feelings and my love of jewellery with the people throughout the world.
I took inspiration from nature, all the living beings, from the planet, the stars and their inherent existence.
So please, enjoy my creations and I hope you like them!

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